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2023 University of Scouting & College of Commissioner Service

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BAC UoS Cub Scouting Program (Scheduled Classes)

CSP1141 1:50-2:40 PM

Jennifer Swift

CSP 114A - Transitioning Webelos to Scouts BSA

Webelos to the Arrow of Light program sequence is designed to prepare Scouts for leadership and responsibility to succeed in a troop. We will discuss the foundation in Webelos then how the Arrow of Light requirements are designed to ensure Scouts will find a troop that meets their interests and puts them on the Trail to Eagle.

Maximum number of participants: 20

CSP1145 8:15-10:05 AM

Don Walters

CSP 114B,C - Planning the Webelos Program

ATTENTION BEAR LEADERS - This is the class for you!! Great ideas to plan a worthwhile program for the fourth and fifth grade Webelos experience.

Maximum number of participants: 20

CSP1174 9:15-11 AM

Jeff Spranza

CSP 117A,B - Cub Scouting in the Outdoors

Does your Pack have "outing" in your Pack's Scouting program? Learn Cub Scout camping rules, how to use the Guide to Safe Scouting, why BALOO training for adults is essential, and using the Cub Scout Outdoor Activity Award to enhance your program.

Learn why and how to keep your Cub Scouts engaged in the outdoors that makes Outing in Scouting program unique.

Maximum number of participants: 20

CSP1180 11:05-11:55 AM

Symphony Walkley

CSP 118 - Outdoor Games

Harness that energy and keep them from running wild. Activities to occupy free time or just to let off steam.

Maximum number of participants: 20

CSP1300 10:10-11 AM

Keegan Kalmbach

CSP 130 - First Time Campers - Getting Families Out Camping

You've just welcomed new families to your Pack. Your Pack calendar has a family camping trip coming up. But these new families look bewildered and cost conscious. Here's the course to draw them into the ‘Outing' that is in Scouting. We'll review the rules of family camping, what's necessary for that first weekend outing and how to minimize the cost.

Maximum number of participants: 20

CSP1310 2:45-3:35 PM

Anne Reardon

CSP 131 - Fun in Scouting

Learn how to keep the fun in your scouting program. Don't let you program get boring, keep the excitement up. We will look at Pack meetings, large events such as Blue & Gold and Pinewood, as well as field trips and overnights.

Maximum number of participants: 20

CSP1320 1:50-2:40 PM

Symphony Walkley

CSP 132 - Indoor Games

Activities you can enjoy with your Den when you find yourselves confined to the great indoors.

Maximum number of participants: 20

CSP1330 9:15-10:05 AM

Peter Jacobus

CSP 133 - Service Projects

Service projects are a large part of Scouting. Learn about how to add service projects to your regular program as well as getting great service project ideas to use in your unit.

Maximum number of participants: 20

CSP2070 11:05-11:55 AM

Don Gwaltney

CSP 207 - Every Pack Deserves a Pack Trainer

"Every Scout deserves a trained leader" and the Pack Trainer helps to guide leaders towards training to increase leader effectiveness and ultimately, Scout retention. Learn how this key pack committee position guides new families joining your Pack to available training in your district and Baltimore Area Council.

Maximum number of participants: 20

CSP2110 11:05-11:55 AM

Will Sandoval

CSP 211 - Pack Budgeting

Perhaps budgets are not your strength. Learn how to create a Pack budget that will fuel your program to success. Learn about great sources of fundraising income then how to plan your Pack and Den programs to create and maintain a strong Cub Pack.

Maximum number of participants: 20

CSP2126 8:15-11 AM

Zac Brown

CSP 212 A, B, C - Mastering Cubmastering

(3 hour Session) Feeling "in over your head" as a new Cubmaster? Or are you an experienced Cubmaster just wanting to learn proven techniques to lead your pack to greatness? Come join an experienced Cubmaster to take a deep dive into your role as "leader of the Pack" and learn how to make your Pack rock and roll. This program will discuss how Pack committees can successfully balance workloads of leaders and provide valuable information on running a pack, including: planning; proven in-school recruitment techniques, induction ceremonies, pack traditions, well-executed campouts, pinewood derbies, Blue & Golds, and working with parents.

Maximum number of participants: 20

CSP2151 10:10-11 AM

Peter Jacobus

CSP 215A - Pack Committee Workshop

Learn how an effective Pack Committee operates. You'll find out what the Pack Committee does - the administrative and organizational side of running a Cub Scout Pack. Topics such as membership, fundraising, and activities planning will be discussed. Learn proven methods to plan an effective, exciting YEAR-ROUND program. Maximum number of participants: 20

CSP2180 1:50-2:40 PM

Frank Shannon

CSP 218 - Pack Annual Planning

Planning your Pack program is the first step to a successful year of Cub Scouting. Learn how to effectively use the Journey to Excellence to plan your program to maximize Scout retention and continue to grow your Pack with a fun program of learning and outdoor adventure.

Maximum number of participants: 20

CSP2199 9:15-10:05 AM

Bill Cunnane

CSP 219 (CED 211) - Scoutbook 101 Cub Scout Pack Edition

In early 2015 the Boy Scouts of America announced the acquisition of (aka Scoutbook). Scoutbook is a web-based unit management, communication and advancement tracking tool. In this class we will explore the tool and show you how to use Scoutbook to manage your Pack. We will review how to manually enter new scouts, how to link to Scoutnet to import your charter information, how to track leader training, how to track Cub Scout advancements and upload those advancements to Scoutnet.

We will show how to use Scoutbook to send email to unit members and how to use the built-in calendar. Scoutbook makes managing your Pack much easier - come learn how! Maximum number of participants: 20

CSP2200 2:45-3:35 PM

Jeannie Lee

CSP 220 - Hiking Program for Cubs

Youth come to Scouting for many reasons; one of which includes experiencing the great outdoors. Join us for a discussion of how to include hiking as an integral part of your Cub Scouting experience. We will also review a hiking program designed to drive participation and increase interest in hiking at the pack level.

Maximum number of participants: 20

CSP2210 11:05-11:55 AM

Keith Wratchford

CSP 221 - Fishing Basics

You might know how to fish but do you know the basics of how to prepare and do scout fishing? Do you know which knots to use? Fish species? What to do if you aren't catching? Come learn some of the basics of scout fishing.

Maximum number of participants: 20

CSP2220 2:45-3:35 PM


CSP 222 - Bear Claws

Bear Claws for parents and leaders of Bears, Webelos and Arrow of Light. Teaching youth knife skills when they joined the Pack after the Bear Rank: A brief overview of basic Whittling skills and safety with soap carving and with focus on teaching Bear Claws using real knives on vegetables/fruit and wood and working on the alternative way to achieve Bear Claws. Stay for the next class to learn how to the basic cuts on soap.

Maximum number of participants: 20

CSP2230 3:40-4:30 PM


CSP 223 - Knife Handling and Basic Cuts

Whittling Chip for Parents and Leaders of Wolf rank & up. How to teach youth the basic skills of knife handling and safety while carving a soap bar; covering the 4 basic carving cuts, making and using wooden knives on soap.

Maximum number of participants: 20

CSP3010 1:50-2:40 PM

Anne Reardon

CSP 301 - Successful Recruiting and Retaining Cub Scouts

A continuous flow of new Cub Scouts keeps your Pack alive and teaches families the enjoyment of Scouting. Learn how to maximize those recruitment materials and other techniques to attract and retain youth - a must for the health of every Pack!

Maximum number of participants: 20

CSP3020 10:10-11 AM

Dan Schiller

CSP 302 - Recruiting and Developing Adult Leaders

You've brought in the Cub Scouts, now more adult volunteers and leaders are needed. New adult members are the lifeblood of all healthy Packs. Learn how to turn new parents into new Cub Scout leaders to show them how to be enthusiastic Scouters.

Maximum number of participants: 20

CSP3040 8:15-9:05 AM

Jeannie Lee

CSP 304 - Cub Scout STEM & NOVA

Come learn fun ways to incorporate STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) activities into your den and Pack program. Learn about Scouts USA STEM awards NOVA and Super NOVA to increase Scout learning. Learn about resources that are available to make your unit's STEM program the best it can be.

Maximum number of participants: 20

CSP3051 8:15-9:05 AM

Dan Schiller

CSP 305A - Campfire Program

Have you ever wanted to put together your own campfire program but don't know where to start? Remember having a hilarious time around the campfire but can't figure out how the skit worked or you forgot the punch-line? Want to be EXTRAVAGANT and silly or just spend time around a warm fire? Come learn ideas for having great campfires in your Unit campouts or District events and have fun in the progress.

Maximum number of participants: 20

CSP3079 3:40-4:30 PM

Robert Ridenour

CSP 307 (CED 225) - Cubs with Special Needs

This course will describe some of the things you can do to help Cubs of all abilities to Do THEIR Best to have fun, learn new skills, and help the pack go in your Cub Scout Program. Learn how to work with parents to better understand the strengths of their Cub and to adapt Cub Scout adventures to the special abilities of their scout. Learn how Cubs with different ABILITIES enhance the experience of the whole pack and can even teach the most seasoned leader a thing or two.

Maximum number of participants: 20

CSP3100 3:40-4:30 PM

Anne Reardon

CSP 310 - Let's Talk About It

This forum session will feature seasoned leaders to answer your questions. You've had nearly two years with girls in your Pack. Let's talk about your how your boy and girl dens are going, recruitment opportunities, transition to Boy Scouts, and much more!

Bring your questions you may have about Baltimore Area Council or how commissioners can help a unit. Bring your questions to us!

Maximum number of participants: 20

CSP3120 8:15-9:05 AM

Kim Wesley

CSP 312 - Scouting is a Game with a Purpose

In 1936, William "Green Bar Bill" Hillcourt wrote "Scouting is a game--a wonderful game, full of play and full of laughter, keeping him busy, keeping him happy. Scouting is 'learning by doing' things that are enjoyable--exciting things!" Learn a few tips and tricks to make Scouting a game in your unit.

Maximum number of participants: 20

CSP3140 9:15-10:05 AM

Kim Wesley

CSP 314 - Think Outside the Book

Do you learn best by listening to a speaker? Do you need to read the material through for better comprehension? Do you want to take things apart and put them back together to understand how they work? Chances are your Cub Scouts learn best in a variety of ways and they aren't all the same. This class will show you seven different learning styles and give you examples on how to incorporate those learning styles into your program to better reach every Cub Scout.

Maximum number of participants: 20

CSP3150 2:45-3:35 PM

Amy Francis

CSP 315 - Stress Management Techniques for Cub Scout Leaders

Stress and personal reactions to stress is impacting youth and adults at a greater degree than ever before. When faced with a new or challenging situation, youth can experience an uncomfortable increase in their stress levels, leading to everything from behavioral challenges to feeling physically unwell. We will briefly touch on some of the science behind increasing and decreasing stress levels to reduce the impact on the learning process and physical well-being. The class will provide participants with stress management techniques that can be used to help youth and adult leaders decrease their stress levels and get the most out of the Scouting Adventure.

Maximum number of participants: 20

CSP1131 10:10-11 AM

Jennifer Swift

CSP113A Cub Scouting for Lions through Bears

How to make scouting (and meetings) fun and engaging for cubs, parents, and leaders.

Maximum number of participants: 20