Frequently Asked Questions

What is University of Scouting and College of Commissioner Service?
Another supplemental training offered through the Boy Scouts of America. There are classes of interest for each of the program areas, Cub Scouting, Scouts BSA, Sea Scouting, Venturing, District Committee, and Commissioner Science, Doctoral Program. Plus the Continuing Education area offers classes of potential interest for anyone in Scouting.

Who develops the courses being taught?  
The Courses developed by both local scouters and those that BSA National has developed.  Many of the course are developed by scouters that may have a passion on the subject being taught.
Refund/Cancellation Policy.  
No Refunds will be issued – Transfers only.  If you would like to transfer your registration to another scouter, contact the UoS Registrar, Debi Hayes, at or Staff Advisor, Andrew Lupus

Who should consider attending University of Scouting? Everyone currently registered in Scouting. We do not limit scouters to the Baltimore Area Council.  We accept any registered scouter no matter of where registered.
I am new to Scouting – will University of Scouting be too overwhelming for me?
No, there are classes designed in each program area for a beginning Scouter.

I am a long time Scouter – what does University of Scouting have to offer me?
There are classes offered in each program area for someone in scouting wanting additional knowledge in their program area, Plus numerous classes offered in the Continuing Education area. This area contains classes that could be of a specific interest to someone in any program area.

May I take courses in any area that interests me?
Yes, you can pick and choose classes of interest to you and apply those credits toward a degree.

How do I get a degree?
To obtain a Bachelors Degree it’s as simple as attending the classes to earn seven credits at one University of Scouting, completing a one page form, and turning it in at the end of the day in the registration area.  Please note Degrees from the College of Commissioner Science may have other prerequisites.
Why should I consider a University of Scouting degree? 
It’s simply recognition for the time spent at the University. The Youth we serve like to see their leaders earn recognition for their effort toward training.

Where is the best place to get required signatures for my degree application?
At the University of Scouting is the best place, everyone required for a signature is there on site.  However, since we are virtual your unit or district/council leadership can sign.

Must I complete a Bachelors degree in order to obtain a Masters Degree?
Yes, I’ve been in scouting many years and believe that most of the Bachelor’s courses would be “old hat” to me. You do not have to take any specific classes for a Bachelors Degree, any seven (7) credit/hours will qualify you for a Bachelors Degree. One should take the classes best suited for their own needs or in areas they want to learn more about.

Who should consider the Doctoral program?
Any active Scouter who currently holds a Masters Degree should want to seek more. It’s the next logical step in the degree progression. 
What’s the Doctorate of Commissioner Science Knot Award?  
This award can be earned by an Commissioner who has earned their Bachelors and Masters of Commissioner Science Degrees and completes the additional requirements set by the National office.  The award form with those requirements is found HERE.
Are there two different Doctoral Programs?  
No, the BAC’s University of Scouting has one Doctoral program that anyone can participate in.  The Doctorate of Commissioner Science Knot Award uses same Doctoral program elements but has additional requirements that a registered Commissioner must achieve.  These requirements include earning the Arrowhead Honor and the Commissioner Key, recruiting three (3) new Commissioners, complete three (3) additional Doctoral courses in addition to our two (2) required courses – DOC-604A and DOC-605A, serve on the Commissioner Science faculty for at least one (1) year, and serve a minimum of five (5) years as a Commissioner.
I’ve heard of University of Scouting Fellow – What is this program?
The Fellow Award is a level which may be earned after the Doctorate degree. You must have a total of forty (40) credits, that’s fifteen (15) more than required for a Doctorate Degree. Then you must think of an idea for a new class for the University, develop a syllabus for that class, and teach that class at the University.
How does the Baltimore Area Council’s University of Scouting compare to programs in other Councils? 
Most of the Universities across the nation are very similar in design and structure. Some of them are still geared more for Commissioners, but most do have all the different program areas covered.  We are the only one at this time offering a Fellow Award after the Doctorate Degree.
Will I be required to sign-up for an additional account for the virtual portion of the University of Scouting?
Yes, you will be required to have an account with Discord.  The is a fee free server.  Please do this before the day of the event.instruction/help document here
How can one be able to help or teach at the University of Scouting and College of Commissioner Science?
Please contact the Chancellor, Carl Drew; Staff Professional, Andrew lupus; or Tom O’Dwyer, BAC Council Training Chair.