General Information

The University is a FUN filled training program to help develop Scouter excellence in the Baltimore Area Council. All registered Scouters are encouraged to attend so that they may better understand the critical role and function of their position in the Scouting program. This Scouter training experience is planned to:


  • PROVIDE Scouters with a full understanding of their mission
  • OBTAIN a commitment to the success of the mission
  • HELP develop techniques
  • SUPPLY information necessary to carry out assignments
  • BUILD morale and fellowship in the Scouting community

These results are achieved through a broad curriculum of instruction and recognition of achievement by a series of awards.

The curriculum is divided into seven program departments:
  1. Cub Scout Leader Program (CSP)
  2. Scouts BSA Leader Program (SBP)
  3. College of Commissioner Service Program (BCS, MCS, DCS)
  4. Continuing Education Program(CED, SND)
  5. District Committee Program (DSP)
  6. Doctoral Program (DOC, DCS)
  7. Venturing Program (VSP)
Seven (7) credit hours earned from attending any combined classes can count toward earning a Bachelors and the next seven credit hours can be applied toward the Masters Degree with additional scouting requirements.  The College of Commissioner Service Program feeds into a DCS Doctoral level degree. All other Programs feed into one University of Scouting Doctoral level degree.

Each new participant will receive a University of Scouting patch. Participants who complete the degree requirements will be recognized with an appropriate patch segment for that degree and a diploma.
** Class sizes are limited – register early!!  Once a class is full, it will not be available.


The are two different Degree Courses Available:

  1. The University of Scouting offers the following Degrees:
    •  – Bachelor
    •  – Master
    •  – Doctoral
    •  – Fellow
  2. The College of Commissioner Service offers the following degrees:
    •  – Bachelor of Commissioner Science
    •  – Master of Commissioner Science
    •  – Doctorate of Commissioner Science

The above two degree programs have separate requirements to obtain these degrees. While College of Commissioner Service courses will apply to UoS degrees, most UoS courses will not be accepted for College of Commissioner Service degrees.

For more information, please read more in the Degree information area.

for Saturday, March 11, 2023
We strongly recommend participants, faculty. staff and vendors to register prior to the event to ensure you can select the classes you want to attend. Classes will fill up and limited openings will be available the morning of the UoS. 
Adult Registration Fee: $25  (Early Bird $20 ($5 discount – ends Jan 22nd )
Youth (14-21) Registration Fee: $15 (Early Bird $10 ($5 discount – ends – Jan 22nd )
Faculty/Staff Registration Fee: No Charge 
Vendor Registration Fee: No Charge
Lunch $10.00 (Lunch orders end February 25th)
CSP Patch: $5:00
Online registration will close on February 25th, 2023
Walk-in registration $50.00 (No Lunch)
Registration and Check-in: 7:15 – 7:45am
Welcome/Opening Ceremony begins promptly at 8:00am


Each participant should bring a pencil/pen and paper. THIS IS A UNIFORMED EVENT and Scouting is a uniformed service. All participants are encouraged to maintain a proper uniform throughout the entire day.


To maintain the stature of the training program of the University and to give a sense of accomplishment to the recipients, the following policies will govern the event:

Our 2023 Guest Speaker!

Michael Sears is the Director of Leadership Innovation at the Boeing Leadership Innovation Laboratory, Stockdale Center for Ethical Leadership at the U.S. Naval Academy, Annapolis, Maryland.

Michael is a 30-year veteran of California’s Silicon Valley where he worked in both large and small technology companies. He worked his way through the ranks to become a CEO of a technology company, and the founder of a small Internet media company. During that time, he was granted and received three U.S. patents as a co-inventor of technology. He spent 10 years as a Palo Alto-based Venture Capitalist and has been a board member in both private and public companies, for-profit as well as non-profits. In the last decade, he has focused on Clean Technologies as an Investment Partner, and on Cyber Security as an independent consultant.
Before graduate school, Mr. Sears served as a Marine Officer in an infantry battalion as the unit’s Intelligence Officer, and the sniper and surveillance Platoon Commander. After earning his Naval Aerial Observer wings, Mr. Sears served as a Flight Officer in a reconnaissance squadron.
Mr. Sears holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the United States Naval Academy, and earned three letters in track and field, plus a freshman letter in crew. Post military service, Mr. Sears earned both a Juris Doctorate degree and a Masters of Business Administration degree from Stanford University in Palo Alto, California.