Scouts BSA Program

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2023 University of Scouting & College of Commissioner Service

Class Catalog

Scouts BSA Program (Scheduled Classes)

SBP1080 8:15-9:05 AM

Robert Kirby

SBP 108 - The Scoutmaster, Troop Organization and Membership

Learn about the qualities that should be expected of a Scoutmaster. Explore what the Scoutmaster should be, know and do. Learn the structure of the troop, including key youth leadership positions. Find out about a troop's support functions and the responsibilities of adult leadership positions. Discuss the ways that creating new members is good for both the youth and scout troops.

Maximum number of participants: 20

SBP1090 9:15-10:05 AM

Robert Kirby

SBP 109 - Troop Meetings and Uniforming

Explore the real purpose of a Troop Meeting. Learn the value of using the troop meeting plan. Find out about the importance of having the youth plan, conduct and review the troop meeting. Find out about the vital role the Scoutmaster plays by providing coaching, support and leaderships to the scouts. Learn about the importance of the uniform as one of the Eight Methods of Scouting.

Maximum number of participants: 20

SBP1100 10:10-11 AM

Chris Navarette

SBP 110 - Working with Youth Leaders and the Patrol Leaders Council

Learn to establish an environment that is safe both physically and emotionally in which Scouts can learn, grow and enjoy Scouting to the fullest. Learn the purpose for and the importance of the patrol leaders' council. Explore the ways a Scoutmaster can support and guide the patrol leaders' council as the troop activities are planned.

Maximum number of participants: 20

SBP1110 11:05-11:55 AM

Melissa Douglas

SBP 111 - Sizzle of the Outdoor Program and the Nuts and Bolts of the Outdoor Program

Learn the importance of the Outdoor program specifically that the Outdoors is the

arena in which a lot of scouting unfolds. The Outdoor program is the reason that many youths and adults join the program. Skills and safety are the two main elements that the adult leadership of the troop are tasked with providing. Learn how this can be accomplished while still having a youth-led troop.

Maximum number of participants: 20

SBP1120 1:50-2:40 PM

Chris Navarette

SBP 112 - Outdoor Program Patrol and Reflection

Experience what it is like to plan an outdoor activity as a patrol. Learn what the considerations should be for safety when planning outdoor programs. How can a reflection help you reinforce the values of Scouting? How you can incorporate reflection into the outdoor experience.

Maximum number of participants: 20

SBP1130 2:45-3:35 PM

Dan Dinkin

SBP 113 - Advancement Program and Paperwork

Are you familiar with the Four Steps of Advancement? Did you know that advancement was one of the Eight Methods of Scouting? Learn how advancement ties all Eight of the Methods of Scouting together? Explore what paperwork is necessary to manage a scout troop well.

Maximum number of participants: 20

SBP1140 3:40-4:30 PM

Chris Navarette

SBP 114 - Program Planning and Finances

Learn the ins and outs of planning a year long program and how to create a budget and earn the money to support the program. Learn new ways to get your scouts involved in the planning process. Explore how the planning process allows Troop members to connect their activities with the values of Scouting.

Maximum number of participants: 20

SBP1161 11:05 AM -2:40 PM

Dan Dinkin

SBP 116A - Scoutmasters - How to Shrink that Target on Your Back

NOTE: This Class is for registered Scoutmaster's Only - Must have the patch on the sleeve - No ASM, CC, MC, COR, etc. allowed)

The Scoutmaster job is a rewarding but tough one. There is always someone who knows better than you. Someone is always second guessing your plan for guiding your youth. In this forum-style class, we will discuss ways in which we can best deal with adversity in the adult ranks. How can we avoid/reduce conflict? How can we work with the ASMs, the CC/MCs and COR to make sure that the SM is properly supported and is able to best implement the Eight Methods of Scouting.

We will start with a scenario of conflict between the SM and another adult. The floor will then be opened for discussion/venting guided by the Instructor. Hopefully, ideas and recommendations that arise will aid SMs in ways to improve their methodologies. Maximum number of participants: 20

SBP2010 8:15-9:05 AM

Christine Sandoval

SBP 201 - Scouts Interfaith Service

This session will include information on how to develop and deliver a Scouts' Interfaith Service.

Maximum number of participants: 20

SBP2020 9:15-10:05 AM

Dan Dinkin

SBP 202 - Health and Safety

What is the Sweet Sixteen of Scouting? Learn how these principles should be applied in your unit.

Maximum number of participants: 20

SBP2030 10:10-11 AM

Marilyn Cox

SBP 203 - Growth and Development of Scouts

This session will explain the concept of stages of youth development. It will discuss how behavior is affected by developmental stage and help you realize the importance of developmentally appropriate activities at the various levels of the program.

Maximum number of participants: 20

SBP2040 11:05-11:55 AM

Marilyn Cox

SBP 204 - Drug Awareness

Each year there are more deaths and disabilities from substance abuse than any other preventable cause. This session will provide drug education and help you understand the dangers of drug use and abuse.

Maximum number of participants: 20

SBP2050 1:50-2:40 PM

David Malkiewicz

SBP 205 - High Adventure/Training Opportunities

High Adventure is the chance to experience something you may never experience again. Learn about the various opportunities that Scouts BSA provides. Learn also about the various training opportunities available to all scouters.

Maximum number of participants: 20

SBP2061 3:40-4:30 PM

Keegan Kalmbach

SBP 206A - Case Studies / Hypotheticals on the Common Problems and Pitfalls of a Troop

Participants will discuss the common problems/pitfalls that Scouts BSA units can face.

They will then examine real life situations and discuss the appropriate solutions for the problems described.

Maximum number of participants: 20

SBP2100 10:10-11 AM

Jim Morton

SBP 210 - Inspiring Success in Youth Leaders through Effective Mentoring

In order to effectively inspire and mentor youth leaders, adult leaders must first have a passion for the Order and an infectious energy and enthusiasm for working with young people. Inspiring and mentoring starts with us. In this session we will discuss the difference between coaching and mentoring, the uniqueness of the millennial generation, and how to create a strong mentoring environment. We will cover traits of effective mentors as well as mentoring best practices.

Maximum number of participants: 20

SBP2111 11:05-11:55 AM

Carl Drew

SBP 211A - Scouts BSA - Delivering a Meaningful Program Linked or Girls- Only Troop

This class will be panel discussion with girl unit leaders sharing experiences with girl

troops ove rthe past year. Many of our Chartered Organizations may plan on inviting girls ages 11 - 17 to join the Scouts BSA program. This course will help prepare leaders how to welcome girls into the program through either a linked troop or a girls-only

troop structure.

Maximum number of participants: 20

SBP2120 1:50-2:40 PM

Adam Kemper

SBP 212 - Introduction to ILST

Have your SM's and SPL's get more exposure to the program to ensure success Unit success. This is a required program for all Scouts taking NYLT.

Maximum number of participants: 20

SBP2080 2:45-3:35 PM

Chip Galloway

SBP208 - Introduction to Leadership Skills for Troops

Troop Leaders who use Introduction to Leadership Skills for Troops (ILST) as part of their Youth Leadership development will present and discuss how they incorporate the program into their unit's annual program. ILST helps the youth leadership to develop their leadership skills.

Maximum number of participants: 20