University of Scouting Contact Page

Position Name Phone eMail
Chancellor Carl Drew 410-279-1996
Council Staff Advisor Andrew Lupus 443-573-2500
Registrar & Registration Questions/Problems Vacant
Dean of Cub Scouting Jeffery Spranza
Asst. Dean of Cub Scouting Will Sandoval 443-223-8437
Dean of Scouts BSA Jim Morton
Asst. Dean of Scouts BSA Chris Navarette
Dean of Venturing Michael Meredith
Asst. Dean of Venturing Vacant
Dean of Sea Scouting Tom Glassman
Asst. Dean of Sea Scouting Vacant
Dean of Commissioner Science Karen Scheel 410-615-0111
Asst. Dean of Commissioner Science Charley Jay
Asst. Dean of Commissioner Science
- Roundtables
Pat Hamilton 410-740-2594
Dean of District Studies J.D. Urbach 443-791-5301
Asst. Dean of District Studies John Boia
Dean of Continuing Education Renee Seymour 443-562-4991
Asst. Dean of Continuing Education
- Outdoor Ethics
Chris Castillo 443-756-9632
Asst. Dean of Continuing Education
- Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
Meg Hutchins
Asst. Dean of Continuing Education
- Special Needs
Dean of Doctoral Program Ken Brown
Asst. Dean of Doctoral Program John Schoeberlein
Director of Audio/Video Production George Stover 410-961-5942
Director of Publicity & Marketing Charley Jay
Director of Support Marilyn Cox 410-227-5795
Asst. Director of Support Todd Emmons
Chancellor Emeritus John Gillette
Chancellor Emeritus Jeff Seymour 443-562-4744
Chancellor Emeritus Dave Treece 410-790-7437
Chancellor Emeritus Irving Quiles 443-831-7811
Chancellor Emeritus Vance Kovach, Sr. 443-250-7496
Chancellor Emeritus Rick Barbour