Special Needs Scouting Mission Statement

Committee Objectives

The committee helps all council structures provide the most effective Scouting program for youth with disabilities and special needs

The Committee:
  1.    1.  Helps the council increase the percent of youth with disabilities served.
  2.    2.  Helps the council gain a better awareness of persons with disabilities.
  3.    3.  Develops good council working relationships with organizations and individuals in the community that have an exceptional understanding of persons with disabilities.
  4.    4.  Advises the council on plans, programs, and techniques to serve youth with disabilities better.
Committee Responsibilities:
  1.      1.  Conduct workshops for professional staff, volunteers, and potential leaders on Scouting for youth with disabilities.
  2.      2.  Review all national resources related to Scouting for persons with disabilities.
  3.      3.  Cultivate new chartered organizations for special units serving youth with severe disabilities.
  4.      4.  Conduct a new unit campaign of selected community organizations for youth with disabilities.
  5.      5.  Recommend persons for the council Torch of Gold Award and nominations for the National Woods Services Award.
  6.      6.  Send persons to the national Philmont Training Center’s special needs conference.
  7.      7.  Plan and help implement a plan to place youth with disabilities in existing packs, troops, and crews.
  8.      8.  Assist the council camping committee with plans to assure barrier-free camping facilities.
  9.      9.  Help obtain funds to make facilities barrier-free.
  10.    10.  Recommend special equipment needed for persons with disabilities.
  11.    11.  Advise the council advancement committee on national policies and local options to meet the needs of Scouts with special needs.
  12.    12.  Establish short-term task forces to carry out special projects as approved by the Scout Executive.
  13.    13.  Make recommendations to the council as needed.