Scouting for Food for Units




Step 1: Register Your Unit!

Scouting for Food Registration Form
Door hangers will be distributed at the February Roundtable
Please consult with your District Scouting for Food Chair before submitting your neighborhood. If there is any overlap in neighborhoods, the area will be given on a first-come-first-served basis.

Step 2: Distribute

As a Unit, pick a weekend in March when you will distribute door hangers throughout your chosen neighborhood. Wear your uniform and with an adult, leave a door hangers on the front door. Do not knock on the door, just leave the hanger. If a neighbor is out, while keeping a safe distance, kindly explain what Scouting for Food is about.

Feel free to also post on Social Media about Scouting for food to see if friends or family want to donate!

Step 3: Collect Food

On the following weekend in March, return to the neighborhood where you distributed your door hangers and collect any donations.

Step 4: Drop Off Donations

Drop off your collected donations before April 3rd to your selected food banks.







Step 5: Report Your Results

Have a Unit Leader report how many pounds of food you collected and where they were donated to. Reports must be in by April 5, 2023 to receive patches. If reports are not received by the 5th, patches will not be distributed to your Unit.

Scouting for Food Reporting Form