Hi, Neighbor!

We are so glad you have chosen to help Baltimore Scouts in their mission to fight hunger in the Greater Baltimore Area! We appreciate your donation and your support of the Scouts! 

We ask that neighbors who are participating in our Scouting for Food drive have their donations set outside their homes by 8:00AM on the return date listed on your doorhanger. 

If the local Unit did not pick up your donation on the date indicated on your doorhanger, please fill out the form below. We will be sure to collect your donation as soon as possible!

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Step 1: Register Your Unit!

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Please consult with your District Scouting for Food Chair before submitting your neighborhood. If there is any overlap in neighborhoods, the area will be given on a first-come-first-served basis.
Door hangers will be distributed at the February Roundtable

Step 2: Distribute Your Doorhangers!

As a Unit, pick a date in March when you will distribute door hangers throughout your chosen neighborhood. 

Be sure to keep safety a priority when participating in Scouting for Food. Some best practices are: 

1.) Skip apartment units with controlled access and “No Solicitation” rules. Scouts should not enter a multi-unit building with a single entry that would allow a Scout to be out of sight from the street.

2.) Collect from private homes only. Do not solicit from grocery stores or other commercial establishments.

3.) Avoid properties marked “private”, and those with unfamiliar dogs

4.) Be certain Scouts are in full uniform and are adequately supervised – this is especially true for Cub Scouts.

5.) Remind your Scouts to cross the street only when and where safe to do so. Better yet, and certainly for Cub Scouts, minimize street crossings and cross only when accompanied by adults.

6.) Door tags should be placed on a door handle or between a storm door and entry door. Do not put them in mailboxes.

7.) If a neighbor is out, while keeping a safe distance, kindly explain what Scouting for Food is about. 

There are some creative ways to get the word out about Scouting for Food. Feel free to post on Social Media to see if friends or family want to donate or think of a creative way to have to community come together to donate (ex: a reverse garage sale!). Scouting for Food is a unique opportunity for our Scouts to interact with their neighbors and create meaningful change within the community – have fun with it!

Step 3: Collect Food Donations

On a later date in March, return to the neighborhood where you distributed your door hangers and collect any donations.

Neighbors are told to leave their donations outside their homes by 8:00AM. Please be sure to check after that time to ensure you don’t miss any pickups. 

Step 4: Distribute Donations

Drop off your donations by mid-April to make sure your Unit can sport our awesome 2024 Scouting for Food patches! 


Click here to find local food banks and pantries!

Step 5: Report Your Results!

Patches will be distributed at April Roundtables; Units that report their donations before April Roundtable will receive their patches then. Units reporting after April Roundtable will have to wait until the June Roundtable to receive their patches. Reports will not be accepted after June Roundtable.

Please submit your Unit’s report using the form below.

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Take your best guess. One day of distributing doorhangers ~ 3 hours, one day of pickups and dropping off donations ~6 hours