Carroll Scouter of the Year

Carroll Scouter of the Year Nomination Requirements

  1. 1.The Carroll Scouter of the Year is available to Scouters who have rendered service of an outstanding nature within their Scouting Unit.
  2. 2.Outstanding service can be for leadership to the unit’s youth or to the well-being and organization of the Scouting Unit.
  3. 3.One nominee per unit can be selected by the unit leader and/or Committee Chair and committee based on the tradition of your unit.
  4. 4.Up to twelve (12) leaders will be selected and only one per unit each year.
  5. 5.All nominations should be kept secret in order to prevent any disappointments.
  6. 6.Recipients will be told of their recognition prior to the awarding at the Carroll District Dinner
  7. 7.Supporting letters are not necessary.
  8. 8.Deadline for nominations is April 11, 2023 (April Roundtable). No nominations will be accepted after this date. Please do not ask us to accept a late nomination as a “special favor”. It is not fair to those who sent their nominations in on time, and if we do it for one, then we have to do it for others.
  9. 9.Nominators whose nominees have been selected will be notified by April 30, 2023.
  10. 10.Recipients will not be told who nominated them. That is up to the nominator to disclose, after the award is presented.  The reason for this is to prevent hurting the feelings of the other Scouters in the unit if they were not nominated.

Please either turn the completed nomination form in by April 11, 2023 Roundtable.

Previous Scouter of the Year Recipients