River Hawk Training

District Training Committee

Offers a range of classroom and field Adult Leader Training for all Scouting program areas: Cub Scouts, Scouts BSA, and Venturing, and other specialty areas.  Initial orientation to the Scouting program, Youth Protection, and most Cub Scout leader training is offered as on-line Computer Based Training. This is reinforced with associated basic field activity training (like BALOO) and supplemental training offered at the monthly District Roundtables.  Scouts BSA Troop-level adult Leadership and Troop Committee service require formal classroom and field training, as does Venturing adult Leadership. Formal training programs are offered on weekends twice a year, and may be complimented by training modules given periodically at District Roundtables for those who cannot attend weekend training. 


ChairLarry Peterka410-562-9776
Cub Scout Training CoordinatorVacant 
Scouts BSA CoordinatorElsie Holler931-624-4145
Eagle Coach TrainingMike McDonal410-245-5525
IOLS/BALOO Outdoor TrainingLarry Peterka410-562-9776
RegistrarDebi Hayes301-741-1105
Venture Training CoordinatorVacant 
Woodbadge ContactHelen Loomis410-804-1778
Venture TrainingVacant 
LNT/Red Cross Training/Wilderness First AidTom Rivard-Willis443-900-4084


Help Wanted

The Training Committee is always looking for adult Scouters to serve on various training staffs.  The prerequisite for joining a training staff is having completed the level of training involved.  Experience at the unit level is preferred but no formal instructor training is required.  The Training Committee will provide the BSA “Trainer’s EDGE” instruction for new training team members. 

If you are interested in learning more about training opportunities or would like to join a training team, please contact Larry Peterka or at 410-562-9776.

Training Requirements


Adult leaders in units are considered trained, and eligible to wear the official Trained emblem, once they have completed Youth Protection Training and the training courses outlined below, or have completed Youth Protection Training and a previous basic training course when it was current.  Youth Protection Training* is a joining requirement for all registered adults and must be retaken every two years!
          Leader-Specific (by position)
          Leader-Specific (by position)**
          Introduction to Outdoor Leader Skills***
          All adults in Crews: Venturing Leader Specific
          All adults in Ships: Sea Scout Adult Leader Basic
          Varsity Scout Leader-Specific (all Team adults)
          Introduction to Outdoor Leader Skills***
* E-Learning page at http://www.myscouting.org
** Troop Committee Challenge* is the position specifics for troop committee members
*** Not required for committee positions
+ Chartered Organization Representatives take This Is Scouting*, and Chartered Organization Representative Training
Need Help?
Contact the National Council – Boy Scouts of America
Program Impact – Volunteer Training Team
Mark Griffin mark.griffin@scouting.org 972-580-2211
Peter Self peter.self@scouting.org 972-580-2417
Cindy Polman cynthia.polman@scouting.org 972-580-2459
Judy Maldonado judy.maldonado@scouting.org 972-580-2449

River Hawk District Training Requirements

All leaders must complete the following on-line training courses.  Per National all direct contact leaders must be trained in order to re-charter after 2011On-line courses can be found at http://www.myscouting.org

          This is Scouting                                   

            Youth Protection                                  

           Hazardous Weather                 

          *Safe Swim                              

          **Safety Afloat                         

* Must have if unit goes swimming, even at public pool

** Must have if unit does anything regarding boats 

Tiger leaders must take the following training:

            Fast Start for Tiger Leaders      on-line course

            Tiger Leader Specific                offered at Spring and Fall Mega-training; also on-line course

            BALOO                                     offered in Spring and Fall; also at Pow Wow in November

Den Leaders must take the following training:

            Fast Start for Den Leaders        on-line course

            Den Leader Specific                  offered at Spring and Fall Mega-training; also on-line course

            BALOO                                      offered in Spring and Fall; also at Pow Wow in November                       

Webelos Leaders must take the following training:

            Fast Start for Webelos Leaders on-line course

            Webelos Leader Specific           offered at Spring and Fall Mega-training; also on-line                            

            IOLS                                         offered in Spring and Fall         

Cubmasters must take the following training:  

            Fast Start for Cubmasters         on-line course

            Cubmaster Specific                   offered at Spring and Fall Mega-training; also on-line

             BALOO                                     offered in Spring and Fall; also at Pow Wow in November            OR                  

              IOLS                                        offered in Spring and Fall

Pack Committee / Pack Trainer must take the following training:

            Fast Start for Pack Committee  on-line course

            Pack Committee Specific           offered at Spring and Fall Mega-training; also on-line

            Pack Trainer Specific                offered at Spring and Fall Mega-training; also on-line

Troop Committee must take the following training:

            Fast Start for Scouts BSA          on-line course

            Troop Committee Challenge      offered at Spring and Fall Mega-training; also on-line

            IOLS                                        offered in Spring and Fall

Scoutmasters and Assistant Scoutmasters must take the following training:

            Fast Start for Scouts BSA          on-line course

            Scoutmaster Specific                offered at Spring and Fall Mega-training; also at Merit Badge Mania

            IOLS                                        offered in Spring and Fall


Is a one-night training event that introduces Cub Scout parents and Den/Pack Leaders to the skills needed to plan and conduct Cub Scout pack outdoor activities, particularly pack family camping.  A day of fun and learning prepares pack leaders to plan and carry out “entry-level” overnight camping experiences. The BALOO session will give your pack’s outdoor activity leader the tools to conduct a safe and successful overnight.  BALOO sessions include the why and how of Cub Scout camping—planning, equipment, meal preparation, and campfire programs. Cub Scouters rotate among four round-robin sessions—fire safety, stoves, and lanterns; first aid and sanitation; nature hikes and games; and cooking. Scattered throughout the day are plenty of the four S’s: songs, stunts, stories, and showmanship. One overnight camping is involved.

Eagle Coach Training

This course is for those Troop-level adult volunteers interested in becoming qualified to guide older Scouts aspiring to complete their Eagle Scout requirements, including the Eagle Service Project.  You do not have to be an Eagle Scout to take this training and coach Eagle candidates.  Those who have taken this training before, should be aware that BSA National has made a lot of recent changes in the Eagle Scout process.  This course will bring you up to speed with the very latest information. 


This course is designed for Scouts BSA Leaders: focusing on the basic outdoor skills needed for the Tenderfoot through First Class ranks.  The weekend camping course builds confidence in leaders new to the Scouts BSA outdoor program and is a great refresher for experienced campers taking Scouts to the field.  This is the required outdoor portion of Leader Specific Training for Scoutmasters and their Assistants. This is also great supplemental training for Committee Members and Crew Advisors.  IOLS provides great additional training for Webelos Leaders taking their scouts camping and anticipating their scouts bridging to Scouts BSA.  All the basic skills are found in the Scouts BSA Handbook.  Participants will camp out for two nights and need to bring a sleeping bag and tent.  


Is an intense, but fun, 6-day outdoor learning experience that provides all youth members of the Boy Scouts of America with leadership skills, confidence, and experience that they can use in their troops and crews.  NYLT supports the Scoutmaster, Coach, or Crew Advisor’s role in training youth leaders and will enhance leadership skills in a Scout or Venturer who already possesses the foundation through attendance at a troop, district, or crew-led leadership training course.

For information on the Fall NYLT course, click here.

For more information visit the Council’s NYLT webpage here.

Powder Horn

In Scouting, PowderHorn is the vessel to sustain the spirit of the outdoors in our youth today. Along with the spirit of the outdoors, you will also gather knowledge to share, motivate, and direct youth. PowderHorn will give you the necessary skills to oversee a high adventure program.  It will also help you identify local resources for your group’s program.

For more information see the Council’s webpage here.

Pow Wow

Is an exciting opportunity to take your training to the next level. Whether you are a new Cub Leader or seeking to increase your knowledge ina broad range of skills or just looking to add that extra “pizzazz” to your Den or Pack program . . . Pow Wow is the place you’ll find it!

For more information see the Council webpage here.


Is advanced training for adult leaders in Scouting designed to enhance contemporary leadership skill and develop more effective Scouters.  As the premier adult training program, the Wood Badge program gives participants a greater understanding of Scouting aims and methods, while developing true Scout Spirit. It is anticipated that all Scouters  who complete Wood Badge training will continue to work actively in the Scouting program to further the aims and methods of Scouting.  For more information on Wood Badge visit www.woodbadge.org . 

University of Scouting
The University is a FUN filled training program to help develop Scouter excellence in the Baltimore Area Council. All registered Scouters are encouraged to attend so that they may better understand the critical role and function of their position in the Scouting program. This Scouter training experience is planned to:
  1. PROVIDE Scouters with a full understanding of their mission
  2. OBTAIN a commitment to the success of the mission
  3. HELP develop techniques
  4. SUPPLY information necessary to carry out assignments
  5. BUILD morale and fellowship in the Scouting community

These results are achieved through a broad curriculum of instruction and recognition of achievement by a series of awards.

The curriculum is divided into seven program departments:

  1. Cub Scout Leader Program (CSP)
  2. Scouts BSA Leader Program (SBP)
  3. College of Commissioner Service Program (BCS,MCS)
  4. Continuing Education Program( CED)
  5. District Committee Program (DSP)
  6. Doctoral Program (DOC/DCS)
  7. Venturing Program (VSP)
Seven (7) credit hours earned from attending any combined classes can count toward earning a Bachelors and the next seven credit hours can be applied toward the Masters Degree. All programs feed into one Doctoral level.