River Hawk Program

The District Program Staff coordinates events, training, and support activities for our Scouts and Units. The functional committees are made up of experienced Scouters, chaired by veteran Scout Leaders with years of experience at the Unit and District level.  This knowledgeable volunteer staff serves as the “operations” arm of the District, organized into Committees and specific functions.  Each Committee serves as a resource for all Scout Leaders and parents.  The Committees are always looking for new members, suggested improvements, and fresh ideas.  Feel free to contact any Committee Chairperson or the District Program Vice Chairman if you’d like to participate or need more information.

Jennifer Martin Vice Chair for Program 410-647-5160 jenn00346@aol.com
Vacant Activities    
Mike McDonal Advancement 410-245-5525 sixpalms@aol.com
Bruce McPherson Camp Promotions & Outdoors 443-456-2500 bmcpherson73@verizon.net
Vacant  Community Service    
Carol Farmer Health & Safety 410-760-1323 eagleclf@msn.com
Will Sandoval Order of the Arrow 443-223-8437 wjsandoval@gmail.com
Kyle Lyons Adult Recognition 330-418-4255 4radultrecognition@gmail.com



Debi Hayes                                 301-741-1105                riverhawkdistrictregistrar@gmail.com

Registration Mail:  405 Bay Dale Drive, Arnold MD, 21012