River Hawk Finance

Finance Committee

The River Hawk finance committee augments the Baltimore Area Council’s budgetary income by extending various Council initiatives to the local Scouting units.

River Hawk fulfills its mission to help fund Scouting by executing the Friends of Scouting campaign, leadership breakfast, and popcorn and camp card sales programs established by Baltimore Area Council. Since all registration fees paid during rechartering go to the national BSA office and none goes to Baltimore Area Council, efforts of the Finance committee are critically important to maintaining a healthy Scouting program in our Council and District.

Committee Members

Chair:                                                                                  Gregg Shinn

Family Friends of Scouting Coordinator:                            Gregg Shinn

Popcorn Kernel:                                                                  Mike Danko 

Scout Saver Cards:                                                             Debbie Huprich

Leadership Breakfast Coordinator:                                     Vacant

Community FOS:                                                                Vacant


Every year River Hawk District offers the Popcorn sales program to help fund crucial Scouting programs.  Scouts, Units, and Council all benefit from this direct sales program.  

For more information contact the River Hawk Popcorn Kernel, Mike Danko.

For updated district specific information please contact him.

Scout Saver Cards

Scout Saver’s Coupon Cards are another opportunity for Scouts to live the ninth point of the Scout Law, “A Scout is Thrifty”.  Scout Saver’s Coupon Cards are completely risk free and earn the seller 50% commission to help fund Scouting activities, like summer camp.  The program offers savings at retail stores throughout the Baltimore Area Council.  The Scout Saver’s Coupon Cards are available for the holidays starting in December 2021 and run to June 2022.

The River Hawk Chair of the Scout Saver’s Coupon Cards program is Debbie Huprich, contact her if you need more information or visit the Council’s webpage here.

Friends of Scouting

Scouting relies on the generosity of many people to fund the programs that we provide to the thousands of Scouts in Anne Arundel County.  Each year units in River Hawk District schedule FoS talks with their units to raise these needed funds. No amount is too small and many companies match their employee’s donations.

Schedule your FoS talk today by contacting Greg Shinn at 732-673-1753 or 4riversfos@gmail.com.

Looking for more? Visit https://www.baltimorebsa.org/support/friends-of-scouting/

Support Scouting 

River Hawk District has many exciting opportunities for you to help support our Scouts and Venturers financially, including Special Events, Endowment, Friends of Scouting, United Way support, and Popcorn Sales.  The dollars we raise directly support the youth we serve in our programs. We are committed to raising funds to ensure that the Scouting and Venturing program in Anne Arundel County area can continue to grow and that we can continue to offer our youth the quality program they deserve.

Please contact us with any questions.

Our mailing address is:
Baltimore Council
701 Wyman Park Drive
Baltimore, MD 21211