River Hawk Commissioner Staff

The primary focus of the Commissioner Corps is to support the individual units and their leader by ensuring that they have the tools to achieve the goals of the Scouting program.  A Commissioner is a friend to the unit, working to help solve problems and ensure that unit leaders are aware of important information.

Individual Unit Commissioners are listed in the District Directory.  Please be sure to invite yours to all your special events.

If I can be of help to you, please feel free to contact me.

Ellery LoomisDistrict Commissioner


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River Hawk Commissioners
Christopher Barth Matthew Biscoe Benjamin Brown Patricia Burt Carl Drew John Ertel
Carol Farmer Robert Feldman Dawn Fox Hunter Gardner Marion Glasby Michael Hradsky
Deborah Huprich Philip Kijak Michael Kinsley Stephen Krawczyk Helen Loomis Ellery Loomis
David Malkiewicz John McConville Michael McDonal Bruce McPherson Greg Milne Mark Mulligan
Andrew Murphy David Newell Roy Pinto Timothy Purcell Irving Quiles Robert Ridenour
Tait Saderholm Will Sandoval Karen Scheel Eric Stupar Carla Wilcox Richard Wiles
Steven Wolfe Glen Zabel