Distinguished Commissioner Service Award

This is the highest recognition that can be given to a commissioner.    It recognizes an individual who has consistently engaged in distinguished and exceptional commissioner service resulting in a significant, positive impact on youth, units, and a district and/or council.  This recognition is awarded following a successful nomination by an individual other than the recipient.

For information about the requirements as well as the nomination form, click here

All nominations are confidential, as is any feedback regarding a nomination.  Nominees should not be made aware of their nomination to avoid possible disappointment in the event they are not selected.

Baltimore Area Council Commissioners that were awarded DCSA

Moe Brown – 2022; Hopkins District

Carl Drew – 2022; The Capitol District

Chip Galloway – 2022; National Pike District

Charley Jay – 2021; Arrowhead District

John Heuchan – 2020; Chesapeake District

Mark Mulligan – 2019; Capitol District

John Gillette – 2018; Harford District

Michael Shelton – 2018; Carroll District

Burt Sklar – 2018; Dulaney District