Volunteer Training Summit and College of Commissioner Science

What is the Volunteer Training Summit?

The Volunteer Training Summit and College of Commissioner Science is a FUN filled training program to help develop Scouter excellence in the Baltimore Area Council. All registered Scouters are encouraged to attend so that they may better understand the critical role and function of their position in the Scouting program.

This event was formerly known as University of Scouting and College of Commissioner Science

This Scouter training experience is planned to:

PROVIDE Scouters with a full understanding of their mission
OBTAIN a commitment to the success of the mission
HELP develop techniques
SUPPLY information necessary to carry out assignments
BUILD morale and fellowship in the Scouting community
These results are achieved through a broad curriculum of instruction and recognition of achievement by a series of awards.

Registration is scheduled to open in January 2024. 

What is the College of Commissioner Science?

The college of commissioner science is an annual training event for registered commissioners. It is an opportunity to have a continuing education experience in a college environment. It helps the commissioner stay current in policy, techniques, and application of commissioner service to units.

In many councils, the college borrows the structure and terminology from higher education institutions. The college will have Deans/Chancellors, Assistant Deans, Instructors, a Registrar,
and designated curriculum for undergraduate and graduate degrees. However, the format of
the college may be adjusted to a conference style or a half-day training event as your resources

The college has a suggested four-year curriculum format in unit service training for all
commissioners. There are three degree program levels:

● Bachelors: First-year participants
● Masters: Second-year participants
● Doctorate: Third and fourth-year participants. The third-year is the candidate for Doctorate program.
● Continuing Education certificate

The commissioner college program is standardized by the BSA. The Doctorate degree and the Doctorate of Commissioner Science Knot Award are two separate recognitions. The award has additional requirements that must be met in addition to the course work (see prerequisite requirements on page 6). To assist participants in tracking requirements, a progress record form is available on the national commissioner website.

For additional information or if you have questions, please contact:

The BAC VTS & CCS Registrar at bacuosregistrar@gmail.com


Contact Andrew Lupus, Staff Advisor at 443-573-2526 or alupus@baltimorebsa.org.

Note:    When you register for the Volunteer Training Summit/College of Commissioner Science, it’s recommended that you create a Black Pug account if you don’t already have one.  Creating an account in Black Pug gives you the opportunity to save your registrations and registrations in-progress and be able to open these registrations later. Black Pug will be used for Baltimore Area Council registrations for the future, so creating an account will make access to BAC activities easier.