NP Spark Plug Certificate


National Pike District

Spark Plug Certificate

The Spark Plug Certificate is a District Recognition Award for adults in units that have made a significant contribution to youth in Scouting at the Unit level.  Spark Plug Certificates are presented at the District Fellowship Dinner in June.  The honoree must be present at the Dinner to receive it.

Turn in or email (address on the form) the Nomination Form (available HERE) to Chip Galloway, or any member of the Advancement Committee to give to Chip, no later than the May Roundtable/ Program Launch event.

Spark Plug Awardees

Manny Barbosa Paula Henry Kim Hicks Jorrissen Manuel
Lisa Phillips Dan Philllips Monica Schmitt Adam Shaughnessy
Joel Cummings Sheri Cummings Stefanie Green Joe Luksic
Joel Meredith Max O'Brien Juan Riberas Sanya Weathers
Ann Mancini Monica Schmitt Sushell Patil  
Hillary Bierce T540 Jeremy Carton T7371 G Henry Ferrari S361 Tiffany Ferrari S361
Jason Lippe T944 B Frank Schick T75 Radhika Wijetunge T540 Bhavik Hukmani P944
Neil Fagan T540 Chip Galloway T944 Andrew Herman C851 Dennis Howser-Doty T944
Jason Lippe T944 Chuck Maxa T301 Joe Sedor T944 David Thornley T1022
Dale Walker C851 Howard Weiss T601 Jeannette Wild C851  
David Arday T602 Anthony Burke T944 Erica Coler P702 Cyndi Dzubak T702
Diane Mason T702 Doug Schantz P838    
Scott Bleakney T702 James Brandon T602 John D'Antonia T702 Alice Haupt T944
David Lovell T702 Megan Mead P360 Steve Russel T944  
Angela Bernard T702 Lisa Del Favero T601 Charlene Garant T601 Lucinda Hall T702
Anna Katz T944 James Lazreek T602 Michele O'Connor P702 Joel Recht T618
Howard Weiss T & C601  
Tammy Buckshaw T944 Scott Curry P371/T373 Fred Marc T432 Anne Pierce P & T613
Larry Shaw T944 Amy Robinson T613