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National Pike District

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Initiative

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) National Pike Initiative

Mission: To foster diversity, equity, and inclusion in BSA starting with the National Pike District, and to support, educate, and empower others in such efforts.

Vision: Our commitment to promoting and practicing diversity, equity, and inclusion in the Scouting world springs from our desire to expose our leaders to experiences outside of their current environment (mindset) and educate them on the benefit of cultivating a culture of curiosity, understanding, and embracement among our scouts that will prepare them to thrive in and contribute to a globally inclusive scouting world and into adulthood.

Meeting information: We meet the first Thursday of the month, online at 7 PM.  Email us for connection information if you would like to join the conversation.

Resource links:

General Resources and Training:

BSA Website on DEI – provides the BSA DEI statement, links to Scout testimonials, information of the Citizenship in Society Merit Badge, and news items hot off the press.

Order of the Arrow DEI website – DEI information with a specific focus on the Order of the Arrow including History of Women in the Order, and forms for name changes for LGBTQ+ members.

BSA Diversity Training – BSA provides a top level DEI training course SCO_1800 “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Scouting”.  Required for all Citizenship in Society Merit Badge Counselors, and recommended for all Scouting volunteers.  Use your login to connect to the course.

Links to BAC UoS courses – University of Scouting held each Spring has many offerings supporting DEI.  Examples include:

  • CED 230 – Inclusive Menu Planning
  • CED 271 – Introduction to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
  • CED 272 – Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Cub Scouts
  • CED 273 – Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Scouts
  • CED 274 – Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Senior Youth Programs
  • CED 275 – Multicultural Cooking in Scouting
  • CED 276 – Citizenship in Society Merit Badge Panel
Cultural and Ethnic Diversity:

Order of the Arrow Guidelines on Ceremonies – recent letter from National Order of the Arrow on use of regalia at Order ceremonies.

Woodbadge Origins – Some wonder about the origins of the original Woodbadge beads, and the impact on the Zulu peoples.  Read the linked statement by Mangosuthu Buthelezi, the grandson of King Dinuzulu, at the South African Scout Association: Mack Omega Shange Scout Competition Rally in 2002. This speech refers to a Scouting event in 1987 when a set of beads was given to him by the World Scouting Movement in a symbolic gesture of reparation.

Racial Diversity:

BSA’s Commitment to Act Against Racial Injustice – A letter from National leadership summer of 2020.

Religious Diversity:

Religious Observances Calendar – BSA maintains a calendar of including observance dates for a variety of religions to aid in event planning for District and Units.  Resources include dates for approximately 4 years.  Guidance includes Information on the origin of the holiday and the significance level.

Gender Diversity:

HeforShe ActionKit –  A set of activities provided by the World Scouting Movement to help Scouts across the world become advocates for gender equality.  The World Scouting Movement committed to the UN HeForShe initiative at the World Scout Jamboree in 2019 and will continue the solidarity with HeForShe at the 2023 World Jamboree.  Other resource materials from World Scouting are available.

Special Needs Diversity:

BAC Special Needs Scouting Website – includes resources specific to our Council including mission statement, forms, advancement information and the Torch of Gold Award for Scouters impacting lives of our Special Needs Scouts.

BSA Special Needs Inclusion Toolbox – a set of resources to help leaders and parents better serve differently abled Scouts.

BSA Abilities Digest Newsletter Archive – a wealth of information about enabling all Scouts to be their best.

Links to BAC UoS courses – University of Scouting held each Spring has many offerings supporting Special Needs Scouting.  Examples include:

  • SND 140 – Allergies
  • SND 200 – Advancement for Scouts with Disabilities
  • SND 210 – Program & Planning Strategies for Units with Scouts with Special Needs
  • SND 220 – Camping Considerations for Scouts with Disabilities
  • SND 230 – Advanced Special Needs Scouting
  • CSP 307 – Cubs with Special Needs
  • CED 714 – Special Needs Scouting: ADHD
  • CED 715 – Autism: Does This Scout Fit our Unit?  Do We Fit This Scout?
  • CED 719 – Girls have Special Needs Scouting Too!