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National Pike District

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National Pike District Leadership

National Pike Key 3

District Committee Chair – Anna Katz (Volunteer)
District Commissioner – Karsten Beckmann (Volunteer)
District Executive – Katie Osgood (Professional)
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District Executive

Katie Osgood:  443-573-2527
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District Committee Chair

 Anna Katz
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District Commissioner

Karsten Beckmann
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National Pike District Communications

Newsletter Editor

Sori Meredith
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Facebook Page

Gina Hoagland
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National Pike District Finance

Friends of Scouting

Jason Van Kirk
Email the Community FOS Chair

Friends of Scouting

Hillary Bierce
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National Pike District Training & Roundtable

Training Chair

Matt Cook
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Roundtable Commissioners

Cynthia Dzubek, Brian McGivern, Karsten Beckmann
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National Pike District Membership

District Vice-Chair
Membership Chair

Jill Bispels
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Nominating Committee Chair

Jim Olson
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National Pike District Advancement and Recognition

Advancement Chair

Duncan Brown
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Dean of Merit Badges

Ron Whitehead
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Special Needs Scouting

Renee Seymour
Email the Commissioner for Special Needs

Award of Merit Chair

Rick Fitzgerald
Email the DAM Chair

Spark Plug Award

Chip Galloway
Email the Spark Plug Chair



National Pike District Programs

Program Chair

Howard Weiss
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Scouting For Food Chairs

Joel Hampshire, Sori Meredith
Email the SFF Chairs

Order of the Arrow

Advisor Joel Meredith & youth leadership
Email the OA Chapter Leadership

Day Camp Chair


Klondike Chair

Dan Philips
Email the Klondike Chair

Adventuree Chair

Anne Pierce
Email the Adventuree Chair

Fishing Tournament Chair

Anna Katz
Email the Fishing Tournament Chair

Webelos O Ree Chair

Jeff Peters
Email the Webelos O Ree Chair