Ella Juengst

Eagle Scout

Student at Rollins College (Class of 2026)

What was your Eagle Project? Why did you choose it?

“I cleaned, reorganized, and created an inventory for a children community theatre group’s storage space. Filled with costumes, props, administrative materials, technical equipment, set supplies, and other miscellaneous items, my project removed unnecessary items and restructured the space such that everything is labeled, logically placed, and easy to find with a digital inventory and map. As someone with a passion for both scouting and theatre, this was the perfect opportunity for me to find the best of both worlds, all the while making a long-lasting impact on the many children to pass through the theatre group.”

What is your dream job? How has Scouting helped you plan to achieve it?

“Drama therapy has been my dream since I first learned of this theatre-counseling fusion directed towards those with intellectual disabilities. Scouting has taught me the grave importance of listening—I can learn worlds more about myself and others. Additionally, my high adventure experiences have given me resilience and patience as I navigate working with others.” 

Ella's Favorite Scouting Memory

What is the key to life?


What is the key to happiness? 

“Love – of friends, family, animals, strangers, and yourself.”

What role has Scouting played in your life?

It has taught me the joys of servant leadership. I lift my team up, and they give me more strength than I can imagine. I can learn something from everyone I meet.”

What is your favorite memory from Scouting? 

“Trudging through hip-deep mud with 50+lb packs and canoes on our shoulders in the middle-of-no-where lakes of Canada. My typical perfectionist self would be dying, but I couldn’t stop laughing as we were all turtled over in the mud stuck on our backs.

What do you feel our communities need most today?


What are the qualities of a good friend? 

“Dependable, Adventurous, Empathetic, Unique, and so on…the list is endless (but the scout law sums it up pretty well)”

Who are you?

“A light of positivity and love; a smiling face in the crowd.”

The Adventures of Bucketman

What merit badges were the most enjoyable to earn? Why? 

“My favorites were canoeing, horsemanship, and moviemaking. I made unforgettable memories canoeing through Canadian boundary waters at Northern Tier, have a inexplicable love for horses, and created an endlessly fun movie with friends—The Adventures of Bucketman.”